As alluded to in my previous post, I have been able to acquire and build a couple of nixie tube clocks. 

The first clock is a single digit clock, where the time is displayed by each digit of the time being shown one after the other.  In other words, if the time is 12:57, then you will see a 1, then a 2, then a 5, and finally a 7. This particular clock uses a single IN-18 tube, and was purchased in kit form that I assembled.


(The Cyclops Clock)


The second clock I have is a more traditional style clock. Consisting of 4 IN-12 tubes (the digits are 18mm high) for the hours and minutes, and 2 IN-17 tubes (the digits are 9mm high) for the seconds display. This clock is presented in a nice oak case.


(6 Digit Nixie Clock)

I have not yet completed construction of this clock.  Once I do I will post some updated photos.


Comment by Martin

Nixie tubes definitely have an appeal for geeks - there's something about the retro look and feel of them that makes them "cool".

You'll need to try to get some photos of the Cyclops clock with the tube lit ;-)

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